The FitSM Standard

All available documents of the FitSM family of standards are listed below and can be downloaded for free.

FitSM part Document title Last update Download
FitSM-0: Overview and vocabulary FitSM-0: Overview and vocabulary September 2016
FitSM-0: Überblick und Begriffe (German) September 2016
FitSM-0: Generalidades y vocabulario (Spanish) June 2017
FitSM-1: Requirements FitSM-1: Requirements June 2016

FitSM-1: Anforderungen (German)

September 2016

FitSM-1: Requerimientos (Spanish)

June 2017

FitSM-2: Objectives and activities FitSM-2: Objectives and activities June 2016
FitSM-3: Role model FitSM-3: Role model  June 2016
FitSM-4:Templates and samples


To access the current set of FitSM templates, samples and guides, please go to:

FitSM Templates, Samples & Guides


FitSM-5: Guides
FitSM-6: Maturity assessment FitSM-6: Maturity / capability model and assessment scheme  July 2017
FitSM-6: Reifegrad- / Fähigkeitsgrad-Modell und Bewertungsschema (German) June 2017

FitSM-6: Evaluación de capacidad y madurez (Spanish)

August 2017