FitSM-1: Requirements

About FitSM-1

FitSM-1 provides a set of requirements for IT Service Management, especially tuned to the needs of federated infrastructures or groups new to ITSM. It sets out a lightweight and achievable approach that can support effective management of IT services.


The FitSM-1 process model

FitSM-1 is based on an understanding of the following 14 core processes for ITSM:

  • Service portfolio management (SPM)
  • Service level management (SLM)
  • Service reporting management (SRM)
  • Service availability and continuity management (SACM)
  • Capacity management (CAPM)
  • Information security management (ISM)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Supplier relationship management (SUPPM)
  • Incident and service request management (ISRM)
  • Problem management (PM)
  • Configuration management (CONFM)
  • Change management (CHM)
  • Release and deployment management (RDM)
  • Continual service improvement management (CSI)

For each of these processes, as well as for a number of general aspects in the context of ITSM, FitSM-1 defines a small number of implementation requirements.


The current version of FitSM-1 can be found here: FitSM Downloads - The FitSM Standard