FitSM-2: Recommended objectives and activities

About FitSM-2

FitSM-2 provides a set of goals and recommended activities that may assist in fulfilling the requirements that are established in FitSM-1. As in part 1 of the standard, we deal first with the goals and activities related to general SMS requirements before addressing process-specific objectives and activities. These activities are not intended to be exhaustive or the only activities that can be used to meet the requirements, but they give some initial guidance needed to address meeting the FitSM-1 requirements.

For each of the 14 ITSM processes addressed by FitSM-1, FitSM-2 provides an overview of recommended initial activities to set up this process, the inputs to the process, typical activities for ongoing process execution, as well as the process outputs.


The current version of FitSM-2 can be found here: FitSM Downloads - The FitSM Standard