FitSM-6: Assessment

About FitSM-6

FitSM-6 provides a capability/maturity assessment model to allow organisations and service providers to check and demonstrate their current capabilities in the FitSM processes and their overall IT service management (ITSM) maturity. Beyond baseline assessment, it lets service providers understand where they need to do more work to increase capabilities, and then demonstrate progress through impact on their maturity.

The assessment scheme is based on narrative descriptions of how requirements (from FitSM-1) can be met at different levels of capability, with assessments being carried out by reading the descriptions at three different levels, and deciding which is closest to their situation. While you can fill in the process assessment yourself, we recommend that you seek support from someone with experience in ITSM (whether an external consultant or internal person with expertise or training in FitSM or other ITSM approaches), otherwise conflicts in terminology or concepts may lead to under- or over-estimation of results and less useful outcomes.


The current version of FitSM-6 can be found here: FitSM Downloads - The FitSM Standard