FitSM is implemented by a range of organisations in different ways. This page provides some initial feedback, and an indication of those enaging with or implementing FitSM. 

Implementing FitSM is helping EGI to better shape and manage the services that are delivered in a federated infrastructure. Service management is proving to be one of the underpinning activities that supports EGI as a sustainable infrastructure for the long-term. Consultancy through the FedSM project has been an essential component of this.Yannick Legre, EGI.eu Managing Director

The set of standards and related trainings created by the project are comprehensible, agile and according to best international practices. FitSM can indeed help you to improve your service management. We have found many feasible ways to improve our service management in trainings and workshops implemented by the project, although the final decisions to implement suggested improvements always lies in the hands of the senior management. The project has also helped us to certify several operational staff members in service management skills. To secure the complex services of an leading IT organisation, it is of  an uttermost significance  to dynamically and professionally identify the resources and services to be protected and clearly define, implement and review the operational roles and procedures related to service management. With this FitSM can help youUrpo Kaila, CSC Head of Security

FitSM is unique in introducing a culture of continual improvement and professional relationships in academic IT Infrastructures. A few years back the guarantees that we are currently offering in PLGrid were simple unthinkable. Prof. Jacek Kitowski, PLGrid Infrastructure Manager

FitSM is a really strong product, and it is great to see such concrete outputs from a European Funded project. Partnership in the FedSM project has been a strategic win for my firm. Moreover, within the project lifetime we are offering commercial training and consultancy to European clients based on the project outputs. This instance-exploitation really validates the work that has gone into FitSM as an achievable, lightweight but powerful solution to IT Service Management challenges. Owen Appleton, Managing Director, Emergence Tech Ltd.