Work packages and Deliverables

This page will provide links to work packages, project deliverables, outputs and other documents. 

The FitSM standard

The FedSM project has created  FitSM: Standards for lightweight service manegemnt in IT infrastructures. FitSM is made up of multiple parts, see the FitSM pages for more details. 

Outputs from the gSLM Project

FedSM takes on outputs from the gSLM project, which developed policies and recommendations to improve servcie management in federated e-Infrastructures. 

The final outputs of gSLM include a strategic roadmap on service management for federated e-Infrastructures, with both policy and operational level guidance on how to make changes. It also includes a wiki explaining the project's use case based model for understanding federated service management and online assessment tool for carrying out maturity assessment. 

Other outputs

FedSM Business Model Canvas. As part of the project's work on business models we have created a variation of the Business Model Canvas, which we welease under a Creative Commons license. 

Work packages

Work Package 1: Project Management

Work Package 2: Dissemination, outreach and exploitation 

Work Package 3: Service management conceptual frameworks and guidance

Work Package 6: Technology – Consulting and support in selecting and setting-up service management tools