Work Package 2: Dissemination, outreach and exploitation


This work package will: 

-Create and elaborate a clear visual project identity to be used in all project outputs and communication channels, such as printed material, websites and reports.

- Maintain the project identity and key communication products (such as the project website, flyers, posters etc.) through the lifetime of the project to ensure they are up to date and communicate key project messages.

- Work with WP4 to assist in internal marketing within 'client' organisations to ensure adequate buy-in to the introduction of ITSM.

- Maintain a perspective on exploitation and sustainability to ensure that the products and knowledge generated are applicable to the greatest number of people and can be sustained after the conclusion of the project.

- Actively promote the FedSM methodology and products to the federated e-Infrastructure community. A proper acknowledgement of the source funding (the FP7 logo and the European Commission logo) will be part of all dissemination activities.


Deliverable title Description Download
D2.1 - Dissemination Strategy & Communication program  This document sets out the audiences the project addresses, as well as the channels used to reach them. It will be updated half way through the project. 
D2.2 - Dissemination Package A basic set of dissemination material for the project
D2.3 - Plan on ensuring exploitable project results The exploutation plan sets out a strategy for ensuring project results are as exploitable as possible. 
D2.4 - Updated Dissemination strategy & Communication program This document updated the project communication and dissemination approach, based on experience in the first 18 months of the project. 


More Deliverables under current development.