Work Package 3: Service management conceptual frameworks and guidance


The FedSM project involves a complex set of communities, and the introduction of a set of frameworks and
processes with a relatively fine granularity. The danger is that the task becomes too fragmented or complex to
succeed. This work package counters that risk by creating the conceptual frameworks that allow the components
of the federated infrastructure community and ITMS processes to be slotted together.
This involves:
- Working with real infrastructures to identify the workable and realistic business models that they do or might
use. These provide the key relationships that ITSM processes will run over, and reduce the complexity of the
federated infrastructures to a manageable level of abstraction.
- Creating a reduced set of ITSM processes that can be implemented in the lifetime of FedSM for a reasonable
cost and effort, based on an analysis of the requirements of federated infrastructures. Essentially this will be a
minimal standard for Federated Infrastructure service management.
- From experience in implementing this set of processes in client infrastructures, create a generic implementation
plan and good practice guide for using this federated infrastructure service management process model.


Deliverable title Description Download
D3.1 - Business Models for Federated Infrastructures. The Business Model document gives a way to divide up federation types and roles by ITSM responsibilities and suggests how this will impact their business models. 
D3.2 - Minimum requirements for service management in Federated e-Infrastructures This deliverable provides a simplified standard for service management in federated environments based on the ISO/IEC 20000 standard. 
D3.3 - First Stage Implementaiton Plan for servcie management  The first stage impelelmentaiton plan provides generic implementaiton guidance for applying our approach to federated e-Infrastructures.
D3.4  - Second stage implementation for Service Management This updated implemantion plan looks at hwo project partners implement the FedSM approach and FitSM standard.