Work Package 4: People – Education and training in service management


Introducing IT Service Management typically starts with creating awareness and empowering the people involved to act on the goals related to ITSM. Thus, professional development by adequate education and training is a critical success factor for making ITSM initiatives successful.

This work package aims at developing and providing the training needed to motivate, activate and enable people to contribute to the introduction and improvement of ITSM processes. The following objectives are covered:

- Create awareness for the value and necessity of ITSM in Federated e-Infrastructures.

- Provide role-based training, well-tailored to the specific needs of the people being trained.

- Offer the participants of trainings the possibility to take part in short exams after each training in order to achieve a recognised qualification certificate as a proof of the knowledge obtained and level of expertise reached.


Deliverable title Description Download
D4.1 - Role Map This document defines the generic roles and discusses the need for specific roles needed to establish and maintain an (IT) service management system (SMS) for federated infrastructures. 
D4.2 - Professional qualification and certification scheme This deliverable defines the qualification and certification scheme the project provides in support of FitSM. It is a multi-level scheme supporting different roles in organisational ITSM for federated servcie providers. 
D4.3 - Professional Training Material - foundation level This deliverable sketches out the schema and material for the FitSM foundation training. 
D4.4 - Professional Training Material - advanced level This deliverable sets out the schema and material for the FitSM Advanced Level training.


More deliverables under current development