Work Package 5: Processes – Consulting and support in implementing service management processes


Work package 5 is the core activity of the project, and the one most closely resembling IT Service Management consulting in the commercial sector. Its overall goal is to intervene in the client infrastructures to effect an improvement in their service management. 
To this end it will:
- Take the conceptual models, minimal requirement set and generic plans from WP3 and the definition of roles and certification framework from WP4 and implement these concepts and plans in the client infrastructures.
- Assess the baseline maturity of the client infrastructures according to these concepts, frameworks and plans to understand the real ITSM maturity of the clients.
- Use this assessment to understand both the 'quick wins' and long term improvements possible in the client infrastructures, prioritise and select from these a set of changes to be made.
- Work closely with members of the client infrastructures, both project members and others to make the changes decided upon and improve their ITSM.
- Analyse the effect of these changes to allow improvement and to draw out common lessons of interest to the broader community.


Deliverable title Description Download
D5.1 - Process Implementation and Maturity Baseline Assessment Framework This describes a framework for assessing ITSM maturity based on the FitSM standard and process model, plus a ocmbined capability/maturity model which allows for guided self assessment of sevrcie providers. 
D5.2 - Clients’ process implementation and maturity baseline  The client baseline applies the maturity model and assessment framework from D5.1 to show the current level of ITSM maturity for the three FedSM client organisations. 
D5.3 - Process development and improvement plan This document sets out in detail how the clients are progressing with implementation against the FitSM-1 requirements. 


More deliverables under current development.