Work package 6: Technology – Consulting and support in selecting and setting-up service management tools


Technology is an important element in ITSM, though it supports and serves rather than drives the process-orientated model seen in most ITSM schemas and frameworks. FedSM does not intend to produce or promote specific tools, but it does seek to assist Federated Infrastructures in supporting their ITSM efforts with appropriate technology.
This will follow a similar schema to WP5 and will involve:
- Assessing the current state of ITSM tools in client infrastructures using a defined process, looking both atdifferent approaches within and between Federated Infrastructures, but also comparing the status to the tools used in traditional or commercial ITSM.
- Identifying the areas where improvement in ITSM tools is necessary, desirable and achievable and prioritising these changes in collaboration with client infrastructures.
- Working with client infrastructures to help them make rational selections in terms of internally or externally sourced ITSM tools to support their more mature service management processes.


Deliverable title Description Download
D6.1 - Service management tools implementation and maturity baseline assessment framework This document demonstrates a maturity assessment framework for ITSM tools (as a companion to the process assessment framework in D5.1). 
D6.2 Service management tools implementation and maturity baseline The client baseline applies the maturity model and assessment framework from D6.1 to show the current level of ITSM tool maturity for the three FedSM client organisations. 
D6.3 Service management tools development and improvement plan This document sets out in detail how the clients are progressing with implementation against the tool requirements. 


More deliverables under current development.