Certified Training

The FitSM training and certification scheme

FitSM trainings aim at providing those involved in managing and operating IT services with the professional skills they need in order to effectively execute their roles. FitSM professional training is certified by APMG and ICO, both leaders in standardisation and certification.
In cooperation with the ICO – International Certification Organization we also offer certification as a certified FitSM Auditor. More informationĀ here.

The training and certification scheme is built up in the following way:

FitSM courses

Participants begin with the 1-day foundation course, which provides basic ITSM knowledge and introduces the FitSM model. On completion of the foundation course, participants can take one of the two advanced level courses. Advanced courses are on two different topic areas, and are each two days in length.

The courses are suitable for those looking to manage a specific process, or just increase their overall experience in (federated) ITSM. Those completing both advanced level courses are eligible for the expert level course, which will put emphasis on methods and real world examples of implementation and improvement of ITSM, and look at common problems such as process interfaces and the challenges of organisational change.

Please refer to the following Links for more information on the specific courses as part of the training and certification scheme.


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The current version of the FitSM training slides can be foundĀ here.